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“I haven’t seen Rory since I heard the news, but when I do I will definitely put my arm around his shoulder and ask if he wants to talk about it,” said Garcia.“I’ve been through the same sort of thing a couple of times.After being in a similar high-profile sporting split Spain’s Sergio Garcia has express a desire to comfort Rory Mc Ilroy following a decision to end his relationship with finance Caroline Wozniacki.

Boehm was also a former college golfer, as she was on the team at the College of Charleston.

Both Sergio and Angela have proudly put up landmark events on the path to Mr. Often times in preparation for tournaments, Sergio brings Angela out to the course to caddy for him.

Angela Akins played golf at the University of Texas, and worked at The Golf Channel as a reporter and interviewer.

1 Danish-born Wozniacki have ended a three-year relationship.

The double Major winning 25-year old Mc Ilroy was close to tears in speaking of the break-up and hours after his management company issued a statement advising of the split.

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