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After the couple was ordered to leave the state, Mildred wrote to then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who suggested she contact the American Civil Liberties Union. The Lovings then lived as a legal, married couple in Virginia until Richard’s death in 1975. Mildred Delores Jeter was born on July 22, 1939 (with some sources listing the year as 1940), in Central Point, Virginia.

The shy, somewhat soft-spoken woman became a reluctant activist in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s when she and her husband, Richard Loving, successfully challenged Virginia's ban on interracial marriage.

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Virginia Woolf, whose maiden name was Stephen, and Leonard Woolf first met while Virginia was visiting her brother Thoby at Trinity college around the year 1900.

Noting the white dress and parasol she wore the day they met, Leonard declared she looked like The smart and beautiful young woman that she was, Virginia Woolf had many suitors and admirers, both male and female, so it was no surprise that Leonard also found himself drawn to her.

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Mildred's family had deep roots in the area around Central Point, Virginia, where blacks and whites mixed freely with little racial tension even at the height of the Jim Crow era.North Carolina law still permits an action for “alienation of affection” against a third party whom the plaintiff feels is responsible for ending the marriage.Even if you did not begin dating someone until after the date of separation, a suspicious former spouse may see the new boyfriend or girlfriend as the cause of the marriage’s end and bring a court action.Quietly, the two eventually fell in love and began dating.When Mildred became pregnant at the age of 18, the couple decided to get married.

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