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A few Quotes: "Everything clicks on every section, vividly illustrating the depth of the group’s musical skills." Ron Mc Intosh, Internap "We never wanted the party to stop.

He will not let you forget that this book is his moment in the sun, his turn to be Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, the shedding of an Ike Turnerized legacy, his chance to expel all misinformed hateration from the dancerie. I knew he had some jams, but I didn’t know that was the best-selling album in the U. Or how young he and the rest of New Edition were when they became breadwinners and stars. Most of what I know about Bobby relates to his role as Mr. He is proud of what he’s done, and rightfully so, but he’s open about his fuckups, mistakes with money, friends, and associates, and his struggles and shortcomings as a husband and parent, particularly with Bobbi Kristina. He was indeed humpin’ around, laying it low and spreading it wide. He smanged many famous wimmenz, and named names, places, and freaky-deaky fetishes.

With steamy, up tempo grooves that accentuate elegant hooks, adamant synthesizer and guitar lines and each memorable chorus’ – the music of The Gruvbox has a mind of its own.

This is a band that exudes sultriness and intelligence, in addition to vocal and musical proficiency – hitting full stride with Disco, Dance, Retro, Millennium and Motown favorites that are the staple of any respectable party or reception.

Gruvbox presents the best of the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

Combining a potent and comprehensive mix of the best dance music of the past 30 years and top of the line musicianship, Gruvbox is enjoying massive popularity on the corporate, club, and private party market.

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