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“This app educates the male population on the proper condom placement and helps determine proper condom size,” the App Store said.It also, crucially, promised to provide a “World Ranking” for length and girth.

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It also keeps you posted on the weather and time for wherever your partner is. 3.5/5 Rating, Free You're probably well aware that you need basic Skype to keep up with each other while you're apart, but did you know you can use the auxiliary Skype Qik app to send video messages even if you can't get find time to schedule a webcam date?

Even the icon was cute — a slimmed-down “Pillsbury Doughboy” peering down his pants, holding a ruler.

I hit “download app.” For the sake of decency and a little bit of meanness, it was decided that the Cut would determine how our fingers rank among the penises of the world.

It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for you to track his device.

I always leave the house early for work and leave my hubby and nanny in the house since he leaves later for work. Some men will instinctively feel they need to help anyone under their roof.

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